Daniel Beyer’s Testimonial 

I was born in Green Bay Wisconsin in 1959, raised Lutheran though we only attended “church” on Christmas, Easter and Funeral services (let the dead bury their dead). Well through this I always had some knowledge of Jesus and during my youth and the hard times of struggle I would pull out my little bible and try to understand what it meant. Seriously I think the LORD was always protecting me through so many near death experiences.

John 10:14 “I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep,and am known of mine.”

I will not elude on the details here let us suffice it to say numerous battles with drugs, alcohol, gambling, sexual addiction, two failed marriages, suicidal thoughts, automobile “accidents” and just being a total jerk for 40 some years. After the Divorce of my second wife (Denise), I found myself in the Milwaukee county jail. I was at the end of my rope and had no hope. I felt as though I had lost everything dear to me; my wife, my house was being sold, my cars either junked or repo’d, my illustrious 25 year career in the medical field as a respiratory therapist was done, my relationship with my children was over. I did not wish to continue breathing. I was banging my head on the concrete floor and steel door of my cell one day contemplating suicide by jumping off the top rail of the deck where my cell was and landing on my head thereby hopefully breaking my neck.

It was then during that moment of complete desperation that I heard that still small voice. “GET UP READ MY WORD I HAVE NEVER LEFT YOU AND I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU.”

I started trembling and went over to the bible I had sitting over by my cot. I cried out to GOD, “LORD please forgive me I am a very sinful man.” I opened the bible and for the very first time in my life it began to makes sense.

The first words I read were:Mat 16:24 “Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any manwill come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.”

I felt his HOLY SPIRIT touch my heart and I continued to read more and more zealously endeavoring to understand more of this glorious truth now revealed to me.

Within a few months I was standing on the tables in the jail cafeteria reading out loud GODS HOLY WORD and conducting bible studies inside the jail encouraging other inmates to read the word. I was having dreams and visions about the LORD and growing in knowledge of him. Every day now more and more is revealed unto me of what it means to DENY myself take up my cross and follow HIM.

Since that time I have grown spiritually and drawn even closer to my LORD. A battle with Cancer left me blind in one eye. So while I lost some physical sight I gained a deeper
understanding of HIS grace. I am alive for only one reason now: TO SERVE HIM.

I am privileged and humbled to be an active member of Calvery Chapel Madison receiving guidance, accountability, and spritual support as we serve our Lord as the body of believers with Pastor Jeff Sowold.

Through the men’s discipleship and programs I attend I know the LORD is continually shaping and molding me into his image. Through biblical counsellor training, the leadership of the men at the “Barn” fellowship and my continued prayer times and studies of God’s word as well as the evangelism outreaches and time spent with Sport Fan Outreach International the George Whitefield Program and Bill Adams:


Thank you,


Daniel E Beyer

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Dan evangelizing from his booth at the Shawano county Fair in Shawano WI.

The video is Dan preaching at the Metallica Concert Sunday, Sept. 2, in Madison WI at the Kohl Center.

Metallica outreach

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Super Bowl Outreach pictures and video:

Super Bowl Outreach '18

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Kentucky Derby '18