#1 How do I know the GWP is for me?

* Read the application to see if you want to meet the requirements: GEORGE WHITEFIELD PROGRAM APPLICATION.

* Read the biography of George Whitefield by Arnold Dallimore to understand and see the type of evangelist Whitefield represents.

#2 Does every GWP evangelist have the same beliefs?

* Yes in regards to the work of Christ: before, on and after the cross and where He reigns now.
* No in regards to ecclesiastical and eschtalogical matters.

#3 What is the benefit of being a GWP evangelist?

* Working with a ministry that values your evangelistic calling and passion.
* Working and fellowshipping with like-minded evangelists.
* Working with a ministry that values your family and calls you to lead your family.
* You understand immediately the reality and responsibilities of full-time evangelism as
set forth in the application.
* You are in a ministry that works to help you meet your needs and responsibilities.
* You learn methods to recruit ministry partners to support your ministry.
* You learn a variety of homiletic techniques.
* You learn nuances of ministry and fundraising to accomplish your mission.
* You attend an annual training and fellowship conference.
* You participate in the Super Bowl Outreach held annually at the #1 sporting event in the US where you labor and fellowship with on average 100 evangelists.

#4 Does the GWP pay its evangelists?

* No. All GWP evangelists raise their own support.

#5 Is this a ministry for all open air preachers?

* No. It is for those who agree with Rev. Whitefield’s theology and sermon style. His sermon style can be ascertained by reading his sermons online and from several books in print. Digital Puritan Press, Sermon Index, The Sermons of George Whitefield, and The Sermons of George Whitefield.

* If you don’t want to participate in the GWP and still want to open air preach contact REF. Bill Adams the Director of the GWP serves on the Board. They have similar views but don’t make the same demands on your schedule, etc.: REF Contact.

#6 What are the daily activities of full-time evangelists?


*Study of Scriptures.


*Calling ministry partners.