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George Whitefield Bio: Vol. II Chapter 14

Biography author Arnold Dallimore pours a tremendous series of facts into this chapter which is entitled: Laboring in the Gospel under a Crushing Load of Debt.

Here are 12 topics covered in the Chapter:

#1 The people in New England, though separated by the pro and anti-revival views, were nevertheless eager to see Rev. Whitefield.

#2 In New York, though strong statements about him had been made, yet people flocked to hear him preach and many followed him as he travelled from place to place.

#3 In Philadelphia, so popular was Rev. Whitfield, that a ‘host’ of ‘permanent followers’ who wanted to retain him to minister to them at least part of the time. They offered Rev. Whitefield £800 per annum to do so but he graciously declined.

#4 In Virginia even his printed sermons were powerful to the point that Samuel Morris had begun to read Whitefield’s sermons in 1743 to local citizens.  People responded so much that Morris had to build four houses for the reading of Whitefield’s sermons and enlist the assistance of three other men to read them.

#5 In Charleston Rev. Whitefield encountered his old foe Commissary Garden who had attempted to suspend Whitefield from preaching in 1740.

#6 Then Rev. Whitefield arrived at Bethesda his orphanage in Savannah, GA. Dallimore has parts of six pages (pg 209-215) of Whitefield’s work there with the primary point of the debt the orphanage incurred financially and the weight of that responsibility upon Rev. Whitefield.

#7 The Methodists in England came under suspicion of disloyalty to the King during the Jacobite Rebellion. Whitefield published a pamphlet, “Britain’s Mercies and Britain’s Duty” which seemed to allay any thought of disloyalty to the King.

#8 Mrs. Whitefield had a trying time with four miscarriages. But their marriage appeared strong.

#9 Rev. Whitefield’s friend Thomas Noble died bringing further financial pressure upon Whitefield.

#10 James Habersham and the Bryan brothers propose and execute the plan to purchase a plantation in South Carolina to create income for the orphanage.

#11 Whitefield preaches in the Middle Colonies with an offer to settle in Maryland.

#12 Dr. Shippen, Josiah Smith and others urge Rev. Whitefield to rest and to do that in the Bermudas.


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