Sports Fan Outreach Int’l developed the George Whitefield Program [GWP] for men who believe they are called and want to be full-time evangelists.  The primary method of evangelizing for these men is preaching the Gospel which is conducted mainly in the open air.

GWP provides administrative support, training and fellowship so the evangelist can preach the Gospel in the highways and hedges [i.e. college campuses, large community events like festivals, concerts and major sporting events and areas in a town or city where lots of souls gather or pass by].

Full-time means that you are completely engaged in the work of an evangelist without any other work or non-family distractions. This is your full-time work vs. being bi-vocational or preaching part-time.

If you interested in being a full-time evangelist then the first step is to complete and submit the application. Click here to download it:  GEORGE WHITEFIELD PROGRAM APPLICATION.

[The GWP requires particular fellowship, reporting and educational commitments which are stated in the application. If these are not commitments you want to make then consider being an evangelist with REF.  At REF you are free to preach full or part-time, plant a church  and engage in an other type of evangelism you want.]

The next training for the GWP is June 14-18, 2021. Details: TBA.

If you would like to give to underwrite the mobilization of GWP evangelists visit: GWP Giving.

The Statement of Faith for the GWP is the same as Sports Fan Outreach: SFOI Statement of Faith.