My name is Joshua Richards. I am married to Rachael and we live in Belle Center, Ohio. The goodness of God led me to repent of my sin and trust in Him alone for forgiveness at age 6. My Spiritual journey has involved many struggles with sin and self, church hopping, and understanding God’s unconditional love for me, among other things.  I’m still a work in progress, but I thank God for His grace in sending Jesus to save me from the hell I deserved, and Who has sealed me unto the day of redemption for all eternity.

My name is Rachael Richards. I thank God for His grace in saving me. I grew up in a Christian home, attending church and Awana regularly. My parents were very faithful in teaching me about God and I trusted Jesus for salvation at a young age. I like reading, being active outdoors, and spending time with my friends and husband.

We believe God’s will for all outreaches is to love God, love people, and share Christ MORE!

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