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London, England

London is perhaps the best city in the western world to preach. The population of 8+ million travel by the “Tube” or underground transportation. That means there is tremendous foot traffic throughout the city.

Plus the population is from ‘all over the world’ due to the British Empire’s existence.  That means souls from everywhere can hear the Gospel.

There’s probably 100 good locations to preach in the city. Beginning with Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus to Wimbledon and Kings Cross there’s tremendous opportunity.

Are you ready to preach the Gospel full-time in London?

Pray about it today and submit your application to begin to preach the Gospel in the city where Whitfield and Wesley had such a tremendous impact that it changed the course of a nation.

Sports Fan Outreach has been to London many times since 2012. You can see pictures:

World Athletic Championship ’17: WAC.

NFL London ’16: NFL.

Rugby World Cup ’15: RWC.



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