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The GWP is designed to create a daily, consistent and dependable ministry in an area vs. a sporadic, inconsistent, undependable ministry.

What this means is that a GWP evangelist commits to preach daily in consistent locations so the Word can saturate more completely a group of people.

A location is a college campus, a sports venue, a local park or a downtown area. In each of these areas there should be a consistent group of people or events that attract people.

The GWP evangelist would be at each location on a consistent basis to saturate the hearers with the Word and to be available to minister to the people personally.

The opposite perspective for an evangelist is to wake up every day, decide where or if to go and for what length of time. This sporadic, inconsistent and undependable strategy doesn’t saturate an area with the Gospel, prohibits personal ministry and ultimately limits the depth of the work of the Word in an area.

The more consistent work of the GWP evangelist leads to a more in-depth and penetrating ministry of the Word.

So again, the GWP Program is designed for the evangelist to have a daily, consistent and dependable ministry in an area to saturate it with the Gospel, to be available for personal ministry and for the Word to penetrate it deeply with the possibility of bringing a transformation of the area.

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