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One way to understand the structure of the GWP is that it is designed to systematically organize the instruction, edification and training for men who want to do the work of an evangelist full-time.

The two times of gathering together serve these purposes:

GWP Annual Training is a time to learn and apply without distractions both the principals for living the life of the evangelist and of being a fruitful preacher of the Gospel. The training lays a foundation for new evangelists and builds upon it for existing evangelists each year.

The Super Bowl Outreach is a time to apply the lessons each GWP Evangelist learns throughout the year with the other GWP Evangelists.

In both situations fellowship is highly valued: at the GWP there is much prayer and conversation and at the SBO there is the same interaction but with a variety of other evangelists.

The weekly calls between the GWP Evangelists simply facilitate the training and fellowship throughout the year.

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